Jane’s experience of counselling with Sally

After just a few counselling sessions with Sally, my health anxiety, which was beginning to take over my life, has virtually gone. Sally is a fantastic counsellor. She radiates calm and peacefulness and whatever techniques she used in the sessions, I always felt safe and supported. I also left the sessions, armed with a variety of useful practical skills to combat stressful or anxious thoughts. I’m really enjoying life again – thank you Sally!

Dean describes how he benefitted from seeing Sally

It was like I was in a dark room for years and you’ve helped me out of that dark place. I remember my first session I was just a mess looking at the floor, dropped shoulders and like being turned in on myself. Now it’s like the curtains, doors and windows are opened and it’s beaming with light. Turned my life around it really has.

One person’s experience of seeing Sally

Brilliant, changed my way of thinking, looked forward to every session. It was so relaxing and the relaxation stayed with me through the weeks. The more sessions I had the more relaxed I became. Never too in-depth – you never asked me to describe the things I saw or felt too deeply.

Another client describes what has changed for them

More positive, thinking more about relationships rather than feeling sorry for myself. Before I was full of self-pity, remorse and guilt. In a self-absorbed envelope of ‘me’ for too long. Breaking out of the bubble noticing people around me. It’s important to have these people in my life as me in theirs.

Neal a veteran with PTSD

Sally was really excellent – understanding, confidential and there to help. Over the 6 sessions I had I was made aware and understood why I had been behaving this way. Sally showed me options to help me deal with this. She showed me new paths to deal with stress, trauma and living with past events. I could not see these before. Now that I have these, the old paths are closed. The result is that the lives of my family and I are so much better. If in doubt I strongly recommend getting in touch.